The Mark Pryor Record - Right for Obama, Wrong for Arkansas

Mark Pryor voted with President Obama 95% of the time.

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Senator Mark Pryor is out-of-touch with Arkansas values. He went to Washington and embraced President Obama's liberal agenda. Please sign this petition calling for a new Senator who will stand up to the Obama agenda that is bankrupting our country and destroying our freedom.

“I want to replace Mark Pryor with a true conservative.”

The Mark Pryor Voting Record:

  • "He never votes in a way I approve, even when I write to express my opinion. This is a conservative state, but you would never know it from the way he votes." — Regina W. • Arkadelphia, AR
  • "Speaks one way at home and votes another way in Congress. He follows the DC establishment, not Arkansas voters." — Mike K. • Marion, AR
  • "He pays no attention to what we want. Just like his vote for Obamacare. He follows party lines and could care less about his constituents." — Betty A. • Brinkley, AR
  • "He pretends to represent conservative Arkansas values but when it *really* matters, he caves to extreme views of his party and its representatives in DC." — Renee O. • Tontitown, AR

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